Nick Webster :: Photographer

Aerial Acrobats

Sometimes a finished picture looks nothing like you thought it would when you first take on a project. My experience as an editorial photographer has taught me to shoot in whatever situation I end-up in and make the most of it. This could be rain when expecting sunshine, for example. Whatever happens, it’s so important to come back with usable shots on my memory card. I recently shot some arial acrobats at a fitness studio […]

Dispelling the myth of f/2.8

There seems to be an obsession among photographers regarding f/2.8 lenses. Photographic companies keep producing their premium lenses at f/2.8, telling us it’s what we need. But do we? Back in the 1990’s when I started working as a professional sports photographer I used to shoot motorsport and football and we shot on film. The lenses I took to work were as follows; 16-35mm f/2.8, 28-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8 and a 300mm f/2.8   Film […]

It’s Not A Test

Testing is part and parcel of being a professional photographer. Whether it involves testing new faces which could be used later for commercial projects, testing a new piece of equipment or technique – there are often times a photographer needs to shoot for free. There are times when a dry-run of a commercial project is required to ensure smooth running when crunch day comes. Testing can be the difference between success and failure. What happens […]

WaterAid London Marathon 2017

I was recently asked to cover the London Marathon for the charity WaterAid. The day involved basing myself with the charity at two “cheer points” along the route to give support to the charity’s competitors. I have included a gallery of images in my personal projects page, which can be found here. WaterAid is a great charity, helping those less fortunate around the road access to clean water and sanitation. Find out more about the […]

The Faces of Covent Garden

Last weekend, as part of the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition, I took along my Bowens lights and a bag-full of Sony cameras and built a pop-up studio in Covent Garden to capture some of the faces that visit the area to be incorporated into a collage at Somerset House on the 29th April 2016, as part of the exhibition. Here are a few of my favourites.